My name is Rebecca Markee 

From: Lubbock, Texas
Occupation: college student, piano teacher
Favorite Food: cheese enchiladas
Hobbies: reading, writing, playing piano, yoga
Favorite Scripture: Moroni 10:32
Favorite Hymn: #100 Nearer My God to Thee

I am currently a college student at Texas Tech University, and I am studying to be a high school English teacher. I’ve always gained satisfaction from teaching skills and values to others. I also love to read, and I spend more time in books than in reality sometimes. I figured I would combine those two interests into one degree.

I feel like I was born thirty years old. From the time I was a very small child, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, a wife, and a mom. (I had no daydreams of being a princess, singer, etc.) Those goals haven’t changed. I enjoy going to school and learning.


Sarah and Rebecca Markee

What is your greatest accomplishment?

I believe my greatest accomplishment is what I have done so far in college. I have learned so much, and not just from the material I am studying in my classes. I have learned values such as hard work, time management, and faith. Mostly faith. Heavenly Father has brought me so far in school, and He has helped me succeed.

What brings you the greatest happiness?

My greatest happiness comes from doing what I know to be right. Even if good things are happening in my life, I feel a constant unease if I know I am not doing what Heavenly Father wants me to do. When I know I have His approval, I feel peace. And in this chaotic world, peace, to me, is the best and happiest of all feelings.

In this chaotic world, peace is the best and happiest of all feelings. Rebecca Markee

What strengthens your faith in Jesus Christ?

A fervent study of the scriptures and frequent examination of my own life strengthens my faith in Jesus Christ. When I stop to see how His mercy has affected people living hundreds of years ago and how it affects me on a daily basis, my love and appreciation for Him and His sacrifice grows. I lose sight of how much He does for me when I do not focus on these things, so it is absolutely necessary for me that I read my scriptures regularly and ponder on the blessings in my life.

How has one of your spiritual gifts/talents benefited your life?

One of my spiritual gifts is a sure knowledge of the existence, sacrifice, and love of the Savior, Jesus Christ. This gift has benefited me more than any other because it is the foundation, backbone, and ultimate essence of my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Whenever I feel doubt, fear, or pain of any kind, I turn to this knowledge for comfort and peace. Whatever happens to me or to the ones I love, I know that the Savior is always there. He is always reaching out to us with His arms wide open, waiting for us to come to Him. And because He is perfectly patient and forgiving, He always accepts us back when we stray from Him. His grace supports and sustains us daily, and if we choose to follow Him, we can reap all of the blessings that God has to offer us.

How do you know when you’ve received answers to prayers?

I receive answers to prayers primarily through feelings. I rarely receive answers in the form of words in my head.

When I pray, I ask specific questions. I try to stay away from vague, general questions such as, “What should I do?” I know that I will have trouble receiving an answer for that. So I ask a more specific question, and then over time Heavenly Father gives me feelings in regard to that question.

I feel peace and assurance when I know that a particular answer or path of action is correct. I feel uneasy when it’s not right for me. Many times my answers come while I am reading the scriptures. I will be reading a passage, and the answer to my prayer will pop into my head. Sometimes the scriptural passage has nothing to do with the question I have or the answer I have received. But the power of the scriptures brings the Holy Ghost into our lives so that we are better able to receive revelation.

Rebecca’s Conversion Story:

I was born and raised in the Church, and so some might say that I never really had a conversion at all. But that is not true.

When I was a young child, I relied on the testimonies of my parents; as I grew older I had to develop my own testimony, and therein is my conversion. I don’t remember specific moments in time where I had an epiphany and suddenly knew that the Church was true, nor did I ever have such an experience for particular aspects of the Gospel, such as the story of the Restoration.

Rather, my testimony grew steadily over time as I searched the scriptures and prayed daily. I lived the Gospel and practiced its principles, and when I saw firsthand how blessings came directly from obedience, I knew that what I was doing was right. By studying the Book of Mormon I have come to know that it is a book written by God, through his prophets, and that a mortal man could not have contrived the words in it. Every word points to Jesus Christ and to the salvation of mankind.

My conversion, then, is a continuous one in which I strive to read the words of God and serve Him daily. When I make mistakes I repent. Because I know without a doubt in my mind that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of God, I will continue abiding by its doctrine and principles and improving myself through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ peacefully looking

What are ways you share & live the Gospel with your family or others around you?

I share the Gospel primarily by letting other people know I’m Mormon. That usually sparks an interesting conversation. It is easy to let people know I’m Mormon, because they usually offer me tea, coffee, or bar invitations within the first few days that I know them.

Once they know of my religion, they usually ask questions, which I gladly answer. I also throw in comments like, “If you have more questions, you should talk to our ward missionaries. They’re so nice, and they’re professionals at answering questions like this!” or, “You should come to church with me sometime and see what it’s all about.”

Sometimes people take the invitation, and sometimes they don’t. But I try to keep up a consistently good example so that they know that whatever I believe I also live in my everyday life. People have more respect for beliefs when they see them practiced and not merely verbalized.

What is your hope/wish/prayer for all women throughout the world?

My hope for all women throughout the world is that they will truly understand that they are daughters of God. Not just that they were created by Him, but that they were created in His image and that He plays an active and loving role in their lives, just as an earthly father does.

I hope that they know without a shadow of a doubt that He loves them with all the power He possesses and that He views them as precious and irreplaceable. If they know this—if they truly and completely know this—then they will act with increased moral standing.

They will respect their bodies and dress modestly. They will not submit themselves to evil influences that are beneath them, such as pornography or harmful substances. They will treat themselves and others with love and respect. And, in turn, they will feel an increased measure of the Holy Ghost in their lives testifying to them that they are indeed daughters of a loving Heavenly Father.

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