My name is Delisa Bushman Hargrove

From: I gained and left a part of me in every one of my 60+ moves. I say I’m from Texas and I currently live in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

Occupation: Contract writer for More Good Foundation and a transcription editor for 3Play Media.

Favorite Food: Mexican, fruits, and potatoes 🙂

Hobbies:  Traveling, exploring, family history, hiking, being at the sea

Favorite Scripture: John 17

Favorite Hymn: In Humility, Our Savior and Come Thou Fount

Who am I?  I am Delisa Hargrove (that’s DAY-lisa as opposed to NIGHT-lisa) 🙂 All wanderers are not lost and I love wandering this earth! Besides the USA, I’ve lived in Jerusalem, Scotland, and Germany as an adult. I served in the Scotland Edinburgh Mission and graduated from BYU with a degree in International Relations, emphasis on Arabic and the Middle East.

I’m married to my best friend. We have a bulldog named The Stig. One of my life’s goals is to visit every temple in the world. I set the goal in 1992 when there were only 41 temples. I’ve been to 91 temples at the time of this writing and I’m excited to visit the rest of them!

Darrell, Destinee, and Darla Bushman and Delisa Hargrove smile in front of the Dome of the Rock

At the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem 2016

What brings you the greatest happiness?

Being an instrument in the hand of God, enjoying substantial relationships, and having my mind expanded by learning/realizing something new.

What strengthens your faith in Jesus Christ?

Putting God’s word to the test always increases my faith.  I know that I can trust that He’ll do what He promises to do. For example, when I wanted to know if the Book of Mormon was the word of God, I followed His counsel to pray and ask Him. After reading, I knelt and asked God if the book was true and received a direct answer to that prayer. That experience helped me know I could go to the Lord in prayer and receive answers and rely on those answers during good times and hard times.

Something else that initially provided a curiosity, but now totally strengthens my faith in Christ and His Gospel is identifying counterfeits to truth. For every truth, Satan provides a counterfeit. Noticing the counterfeits reinforces my belief that something is true. Rather than being shaken by opposing counterfeits, now I would be worried if I didn’t see one or two juxtaposed to something I believe is true.

How has one of your spiritual gifts/talents benefited your life?

My patriarchal blessing promises me that one of my spiritual gifts is to identify and receive truth. It counsels me that when I’m confronted with some new thing to compare the thing to principles in the scriptures, and by doing so I’ll always be able to discern truth from error. I’ve followed that counsel since receiving the blessing as a teenager.

Because I’ve established the foundation of asking and receiving answers from God, I’m not afraid to explore new ideas to broaden my understanding. I’m not worried that perplexing doctrine will shake my faith because the Lord helped me to establish the pattern of studying the new or perplexing idea out right away, identifying the principle in the scriptures and then seeking confirmation from Him. The pattern works during time of doubt and fear as well as deepening my understanding of the Gospel.

Jehovah Creates the Earth by Walter Rane

Jehovah Creates the Earth by Walter Rane

How do you know when you’ve received answers to prayers?

When making “big” decisions, my mind is all over the place weighing pros and cons and opportunity costs and creating scenarios. So my habit is to make my petition before going to bed–having made a decision and asking the Lord to confirm that decision.  If I awake in the morning with that decision as my waking thought, I know it’s my answer. If I think about it later in the day, I’ll realize it wasn’t my answer and I’ll do the process again.

I have to feel peaceful about any decision logically and emotionally (mind and heart.) But, I tend to feel like answers to “smaller” things don’t need to be a horrific struggle. When I pray and ask about smaller things, I often “see” the answer in my mind. If it crosschecks, emotionally, I usually accept that gut reaction/flash of insight as my answer to prayer and move on.

I’ve “shelved” many Gospel questions pending more information. Sometimes the Lord answers those questions through random conversations, or talks at church, or when studying scriptures in a different frame of mind. Usually I’m not thinking about the “shelved” question at all, but that question will flash to mind and I’ll suddenly see or hear or feel an answer to it.

Share your conversion story:

I love the Gospel. I can’t remember a time it didn’t impact me or my decisions. God is my Father, and yours, and He has a plan for His children. His beloved Son, Jesus Christ, sacrificed Himself for us.  He paid the price for our sins and weaknesses and grief and hurts. The Savior promised grace to reach down and lift us to Him. He died, but conquered death through resurrection and lives again. The Holy Ghost teaches truth and testifies of Jesus Christ’s miraculous purpose and ministry.

As a child, my favorite books were a collection of Bible stories for children called The Bible Story. I learned how prophets led God’s people throughout the scriptures and came to understand that God will always follow that pattern. I loved those stories and still do. When I was eight, I read the Book of Mormon by myself for the first time. The answer to my prayer asking if the Book of Mormon was true was a voice saying “Delisa, you already know it’s true.”

The most important thing I’ve ever learned was to identify how the Holy Ghost speaks to me and answers my prayers. Life, friends, and antagonists have blasted my faith. During times of faith-peril, the Holy Ghost reminds me of that experience of praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true and I feel peace. Despite any storm raging around me, I do know that it’s true.

Conversion has become a beautiful journey as I’m willing to recognize my faults and change. Changing/repentance opens my eyes to truths I hadn’t been able to see before and I feel like I take another step forward, step by step, line upon line. A critical part of my journey is a commitment to attend the temple as regularly as possible. The truths taught in the temple are now my foundation. I’ve learned them and I’ve promised to live them.

I still seek a full conversion. When I read the descriptions of conversion in the scriptures, I hope they’ll apply to me someday.

What are ways you share & live the Gospel with your family or others around you?

I share my testimony with others often, including by blogging weekly about my beliefs and applying Gospel principles on I love entering homes, as a visiting teacher or in my calling, and sharing God’s love and truth with women and their families.

The Gospel makes a difference in my life and I want to be an example testifying that everyone can overcome adversity, choose joy in trial, apply Christ’s atoning Grace, and have hope in eternal life.


God will do what He promises to do. Delisa Hargrove

What is your hope/wish/prayer for all women throughout the world?

I wish every woman lived guided by her divine purpose. I wish every mother laid her children down healthy and full in peace and safety. I wish every girl/woman experienced the thrill of education and pursued her passion. I wish every person was seen for who they are and stand for and not as a stereotype.  I wish every woman felt wanted and loved and safe and heard and appreciated, because she matters.

My prayer is that the light of Christ in every woman will lead her to our Heavenly Father and to His Son, Jesus Christ, that she can find happiness and peace in this life and all that the Father has in store for her in the next.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Seriously, one of my greatest accomplishments has been knocking off items on my Conquer Fear bucket list.  A recent to-do involved a cage dive with four sharks swimming just outside the cage. Thrilling!

Having been committal-skittish my whole life, I’m proud to be totally committed to a nearly 20 year marriage. We’ve encountered bumps, bruises, and stressful times along the way, but our commitment to constant communication, listening to understand, and mutual trust and respect makes marriage an awesome, worthwhile experience.

Probably the most impactful accomplishment, affecting every aspect of my life, has been shifting from victim-mode to responsible-mode, aka reactive mode to active mode, aka “because that they are redeemed from the fall, they have become free forever, knowing good from evil; to act for themselves and not to be acted upon.” The Savior’s Atonement actually does what He says it will in healing and changing us. So everyday, He basically gives us a blank slate to create whatever we will. And creation is one of my favorite characteristics of Deity. 

About Delisa Hargrove
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have moved 64 times and have not tired of experiencing this beautiful earth! I love the people, languages, histories/anthropologies, & especially religious cultures of the world. My life long passion is the study & searching out of religious symbolism, specifically related to ancient & modern temples. My husband Anthony and I love our bulldog Stig, adventures, traveling, movies, motorcycling, and time with friends and family.

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