Stories of Jesus

The Hard Sayings of Jesus

The Gospel narratives often highlighted the people's reactions to Jesus Christ's words, including Mark's insight that they were often "amazed" or "astonished" (Mark 1:22, 27). John recalled the reaction to the Bread of Life Sermon delivered in Capernaum when Jesus...

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Finding Peace in Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the author of peace, the Prince of Peace. In this learning laboratory of mortality, we find that peace comes as we put Him first in our lives. We come to know that He lives, that Christ truly paid the price of our sins, our poor vision, our weaknesses,...

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The Need for a Redeemer

In a previous post, we have shown that the entire human race existed as spirit-beings in the primeval world, and that for the purpose of making possible to them the experiences of mortality this earth was created. They were endowed with the powers of agency or choice...

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Christ in the Premortal Life

We affirm, on the authority of Holy Scripture, that the Being who is known among men as Jesus of Nazareth, and by all who acknowledge His Godhood as Jesus the Christ, existed with the Father prior to birth in the flesh; and that in the preexistent state He was chosen...

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Jesus the Christ

It is a matter of history that, at or near the beginning of what has since come to be known as the Christian era, the Man Jesus, surnamed the Christ, was born in Bethlehem of Judea. The principal data as to Jesus Christ's birth, life, and death are so well attested as...

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Did women follow Jesus?

Yes! Jesus Christ had a high respect for women, often including them as positive role models of faith and dedication in his teaching and parables (see, for example, the widow of Zarephath who fed Elijah, Luke 4:25-26; and the woman who gave her two mites into the...

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Jesus of Nazareth

Why is Jesus Christ associated with Nazareth? Nazareth, a small village in Upper Galilee, was the boyhood home of Jesus. Joseph and Mary, according to the New Testament, returned there sometime after Jesus' birth in Bethlehem, a small town in Judea in the south...

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What is the Passion?

"The passion of Jesus, more than other parts of the gospel story, cries out for a theological commentary. While the uninitiated can easily appreciate scenes of Jesus' ministry, in which he appears as compassionate healer and teacher, they will be less clear about what...

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What did Jesus look like?

The apocryphal letters that purportedly gave a physical description of Jesus Christ have long since been recognized as inauthentic. Post-New Testament authors often let their imaginations roam on issues that were either not clear or totally absent from the New...

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Was Jesus human in any way?

Mark, more than any other writer, preserves a view of Jesus Christ's humanity in the Passion Narratives. His prayer in Gethsemane may be the best example: "Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee: take away this cup from me" (Mark 14:36). Throughout his...

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When were the Synoptic Gospels written?

The modern student of the New Testament is presented with a wide variety of possibilities for dating the various books of the New Testament. The dates provided by scholars appear in textbooks and dictionaries as though they are based on concrete historical...

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Who is Tacitus?

Cornelius Tacitus, born about A.D. 56, was from a relatively new senatorial family. His early political career was under the Flavian emperors Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian. He successfully survived the senatorial purges of Domitian's reign, even holding high office...

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