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Divine Names and Titles of Jesus Christ

The divinity of Jesus Christ is indicated by the specific names and titles authoritatively applied to Him. According to man's judgment there may be but little importance attached to names; but in the nomenclature of the Gods every name is a title of power or station....

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Jesus Christ, the Creator

As heretofore shown in another connection, the Father operated in the work of creation through the Son, who thus became the executive through whom the will, commandment, or word of the Father was put into effect. It is with incisive appropriateness therefore, that the...

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The Godhead

The scriptures specify three personages in the Godhead; (1) God the Eternal Father, (2) His Son Jesus Christ, and (3) the Holy Ghost. These constitute the Holy Trinity, comprising three physically separate and distinct individuals, who together constitute the...

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Anna: Witness of Birth of Jesus

Anna: Witness of Birth of Jesus In the providence of God, the marvelous testimony of Simeon was not to stand alone. Anna, an aged widow, a devout and saintly woman who worshiped constantly in the temple with fasting and prayer both day and night, now approached the...

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Simeon: Witness of Birth of Jesus Christ

Simeon: Witness of Birth of Jesus Christ The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated, revered, as a marvel to each of us.  His coming was long prepared for, eagerly awaited, prepared from the pre-mortal life. The birth of Jesus Christ was anticipated by those who were...

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The Heavenly Choir: Witness of Christ’s Birth

When the heavens were opened to the shepherds, they first saw an angel of the Lord--we would suppose Gabriel--saying: "Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a...

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The Shepherds: Witness of Birth of Christ

The Shepherds: Witness of Birth of Christ On the eve of the birth of Jesus Christ in the stable at Bethlehem, there were in the fields not far distant shepherds watching over their flocks. The fact that they were in the fields by night gives us some indication of the...

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Joseph: Witness of Birth of Christ

Joseph: Witness of Birth of Christ The birth of Jesus Christ is a miraculous and beautiful story. Our joys where born when He was born. Jesus Christ is definitely the Author of our Salvation!  For those who don't know Him, we invite you to read, study, hear His word,...

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Mary: Witness of Christ’s Birth

There could be no more perfect mortal witness of Christ's divine sonship than His mother, Mary. From Gabriel she received the promise that she would conceive in her womb "the Son of the Highest" (Luke 1:32). Following that marvelous event, she testified, "He that is...

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John the Baptist: Witness of Christ’s Birth

What a marvelous scene it must have been--John, yet within his mother's womb, filled with the Holy Ghost and leaping for joy in an unspoken testimony of the divine sonship of the unborn child that Mary carried; Elisabeth greeting her cousin Mary in the spirit of...

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Elizabeth: Witness of Christ’s Birth

As we read of John, that he would be "filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb," it tells us something of the purity of the temple in which his body was housed (Luke 1:15). Indeed, Elizabeth was a prophetess in her own right. None could tell the story...

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Zacharias: Witness of Christ’s Birth

Who, then, was this Zacharias to whom Gabriel appeared? He was a descendant of Abia (Hebrew, Abijah). His name meant "remembered of Jehovah." He was married to a woman named Elizabeth, whose fathers, like those of Zacharias, had also been priests (see Luke 1:5). Her...

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Gabriel: Witness of Christ’s Birth

Properly, our first New Testament witness of the birth of Jesus Christ is a messenger from the presence of God. Appropriately, he makes his initial appearance in the temple to a faithful priest of the Aaronic order, one who is performing the ritual function in behalf...

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The How and the Why

To have any measure of appreciation and gratitude for what Jesus Christ accomplished in our behalf, we must remember these vital truths: Jesus Christ came to earth to do our Father's will. He came with a foreknowledge that He would bear the burden of the sins of us...

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Our Desperate Needs

In the midst of our mortal predicament we have needs, even desperate needs. The first is for a mentor, an exemplar, one who has been over not just a similar road but an even far worse one. A person who can show us what we have it in us to do and to become. One who is...

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An Empty Sacrament Table

One Sunday morning our teenage son stood with two other priests to administer the sacrament, as they had done on many prior occasions. They pulled back the white cloth, but to their dismay there was no bread. One of them slipped out to the preparation room in hopes...

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Jesus Christ Paid the Debt

After the fall of Adam . . . there was no way nor means by which man could be raised from the grave except through the death of the Divine One. A great and eternal law had been violated, and it required the death of a God, really, to atone for the broken law and to...

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