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We can improve our lives by following Jesus Christ’s example. Find new ways we can improve our happiness one step at a time.

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Every event of Jesus’ life has meaning for us, rediscover how he provided the greatest example of how to live
Why Is Jesus called the Son of David?

Why Is Jesus called the Son of David?

In the first verse of the first gospel as it appears in our New Testament, Matthew calls Jesus Christ “the son of David” as if it were a sort of preface to the genealogy he is about to write, and perhaps, a preface to Matthew’s entire testimony of the Savior.

What Is Heaven Like?

What Is Heaven Like?

As children of God (Romans 8:16), we are naturally curious about what awaits for us when we arrive in God’s kingdom. While little is known definitively about heaven, we can piece together Jesus’ teachings to get an idea of the kind of happiness and peace we will experience there.

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