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Every event of Jesus’ life has meaning for us, rediscover how he provided the greatest example of how to live

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Be inspired by the experiences of people living and learning in faith and how Christ has changed them. Share your stories and help lift each other.


There is a lot to learn about Jesus, his ministry and the many details of where and how he lived. We answer many common questions about the life of Jesus to increase our understanding and faith.

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We can improve our lives by following Jesus Christ’s example. Find new ways we can improve our happiness one step at a time.


Love God and your neighbor! See all the ways you can connect with others and serve together.

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Discover exciting supplementary information about his life and traditions, in a fresh and inspiring new way.

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How Does God Meet Our Needs?

How Does God Meet Our Needs?

God doesn’t require us in order to do His work, but He knows it is what is best for us. We need to always be alert to promptings from God that tell us when someone needs assistance from us.

What is Crucifixion?

What is Crucifixion?

Crucifixion was an ancient method of execution the Romans adopted almost exclusively to deter criminal acts by non-roman citizens in the empire.

Jacob’s Story

Jacob’s Story

So even when friends dismiss religion altogether or challenge Jesus Christ, I think, “To whom shall we go?” For me, Jesus is the only way.

Becca’s Story

Becca’s Story

“I know that as I pay attention to the little details I can often see the hand of Jesus in my daily interactions and errands.”

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