Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are a family oriented people. They believe that family life is not just for the here and now, but families can be together forever. Therefore, when a man and a women decide to get married, their goal is to be married in a sacred temple for time and eternity, and in time to have their progeny sealed to them for time and eternity as well.

Defining the Qualities of an Eternal Mate

Young Man ContemplatingI have never been married, hence I do not have any progeny. Maybe I am old fashioned that way, but I firmly believe that children should only be born into a home where the mother and father are married. For the record, that is not just my humble opinion, but I believe that is the way that God Himself intended for it to be.

So, why haven’t I ever been married? That is a question that I often think about, even more so of late. After all, it would be nice to have someone to share my life with.

I think that everyone who is earnestly seeking an eternal companion has a list (either written or mental) of the qualities that they are looking for. In thinking about this important subject, I have devised a list of a few of the qualities that I am looking for in an eternal companion.

Jesus ChristFirst, let me emphatically state that I believe that in order for a marriage relationship to endure, it must be built upon the firm foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ. If Christ is not included in the union, that marriage is built upon a sandy seashore that will erode with time as the waves begin to crash upon it. Therefore, it is vitally important that both the man and the woman have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

With that being said, as a Latter-day Saint, the idea companion would be a person of the same faith and beliefs. However, I am also a firm believer that we should marry the person whom we love, and if by chance the daughter of God whom I were to fall in love with were of a different faith, I would definitely make it an earnest matter of prayer, but I would not totally rule out the possibility. I do, however, realize that there are many arguments against this thought.  However, I feel that one of the most important qualities is that the person whom I love is spiritually grounded – she knows who God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are – even though we may not agree on terminology or beliefs. It would be my sincere heartfelt prayer that through my righteous example as the priesthood leader of the home, that one day she would make the decision to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ, and that we can then be married in the House of the Lord for time and eternity.

Mixed Race CouplRemaining on the subject of spirituality for a moment, I would also hope that my companion loves Jesus Christ more than she loves me. Some people might think that is a bit odd, but it is actually Biblical. The concept behind what I am saying can be found in the words of the Savior as recorded in Matthew 10:37, “He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he who loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

In addition, I am also not concerned about the color of the skin or cultural background. True love, in my humble opinion, only knows the color of the heart.

I am a 30-year honorably retired United States Navy veteran who strongly believes that God’s omnipotent hand has made and preserved this great nation in which we live, thus, the eternal companion that I am looking for should not only love God, but also our country and respect our flag and what it stands for.

I am interested in finding a person who is able to think for herself and make wise and sound decisions. I am not interested in a “YES” person. In my humble opinion, a person who always totally agrees with another person doesn’t know much, if anything, about what is really going on. I am interested in a person who is not afraid of being honest and sharing in a civil tone what is on her mind. In that same vein, I am looking for a companion who would be the queen of my home, respects me as the priesthood authority in the home, and is willing to work with me, and not usurp that authority.

LDS Traditional FamilyI further believe that marriage is a co-equal relationship. Therefore, I would hope that my companion realizes that the success of the marriage and the home is dependent upon her giving 100% as well as myself giving 100%. Both of us would need to be devoted to our family realizing that no worldly success could ever compensate for failure in the home. Family must be our top priority.

Finally, I would want a companion who loves life and is not afraid to try new things – a person who believes that failure is only success turned inside out.

A Choice Daughter of God

LDS Temple Wedding

I am promised in my Patriarchal Blessing that when the time is right, a choice daughter of God will come to my side. I am also admonished to love her, help her, and cherish her. I am to be faithful to her, and kind and considerate of her. If I am obedient and do these things, I am further promised that the choice daughter of God, my eternal companion, will reciprocate that love to me, and she will stand as a queen in heaven with me throughout the eternities.


About Keith L. Brown
Keith L. Brown is a convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having been born and raised Baptist. He was studying to be a Baptist minister at the time of his conversion to the LDS faith. He was baptized on 10 March 1998 in Reykjavik, Iceland while serving on active duty in the United States Navy in Keflavic, Iceland. He currently serves as the First Assistant to the High Priest Group for the Annapolis, Maryland Ward. He is a 30-year honorably retired United States Navy Veteran.

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