Taylor.Roy.in.Roseburg(As a missionary), I remember riding my bike down a street and feeling impressed to talk to a gentleman that looked like he was a gang banger. As I followed that impression and began talking to him, I asked him if he was very religious, he held up his left hand and on his pinkie finger, he had a CTR ring and explained that he had left the church when he was young and that after 30+ years, he had been praying for the first time to get some guidance from his Father in Heaven. He ended up meeting with the missionaries that were in that area, but I gained a huge testimony that God knows His children so much better than we do, and if we heed His promptings and apply faith and trust in the unknown, God will be able to preform miracles!!

I know that because God loves us so much, He established His church here on earth while He was here/  And that after a long period of it being changed, distorted, and disregarded, that He restored it in its fullness to the earth through a 14 year-old boy named Joseph Smith in 1820. I testify that as Joseph sought for understanding on which church was true, that God our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ appeared to him and assured in this essential restoration of truth so that His children today would be able to obtain to blessings that He has been giving His children from the beginning of time. I know that He also established evidence of this restoration through a book called the Book of Mormon. As one reads this ancient record that testifies of Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer, ponders the message that it contains, and then prays and asks God if it is true, that they will gain an answer for themselves through the power of the Holy Ghost. I’m so grateful that my Heavenly Father has once reached-out in love to bless my family and I! I love Him so much!

Taylor Roy



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