We have been teaching this family that we have been baptizing a few at a time. This week it was one of the oldest daughter’s turn. Her name is Suellen.  She has red hair and is afraid of water and especially cold water. Lately it has been “cold” here and the people have kind of gone into a hybernation mode during this 55 degree weather spell. She is a brave girl, don’t get me wrong, but I was not quite sure how brave.

Elder Francom and CompanionCome the day of her baptism the water was freezing, and we came to find out right before the baptism that she can’t be in cold water or her muscles have problems and she literally freezes up. On top of that the water was a little more shallow than usual.  This caused another problem because she had to be dunked and really dunked to go all the way under. So we did all that we could to heat the font and by that I mean we took a giant pot of boiling water and dumped it in the font right before the baptism. I thought that maybe, just maybe, this would be enough to take the edge off of the chilling water. A few moments after I made my way into the water. It was ice cold. At that moment my heart stopped knowing that she would not get in the water if it was that cold. During that 1/2 second that I had before she entered right behind me I did the only possible thing that I could do. I prayed with all my heart that the font would be warm. When she entered the water I didn’t feel a difference, my heart skipped a beat as she first put her foot in the water to see if she could do it. She then had a relieved look on her face and calmly entered the water. I couldn’t believe it.   I then quickly explained everything and she was baptized after the manner of the Savior. When we were talking afterward she said, ” I was happy that the water was warm”.

This was originally posted on Facebook March 11, 2015 at https://www.facebook.com/groups/MissionaryMommas/ by Deena Moretti Gose, Elder Francom’s mother.  

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