Jesus Healing A Lame Man At Pool of Bethesda

“Have Charity”


He must have been sitting there for weeks, months, but most likely years. His clothes were dirty, his face looked gloomy, and his eyes looked hopeless. He could not walk — he could not walk for the past 38 years.

Jesus saw the lame man and knew he was not a new visitor. Christ knew this man could not walk and was lowered into the site by the pool, hopelessly waiting for his miracle.

The pool of Bethesda was surrounded with sick, old, disabled people just waiting for a healing miracle. The superstition that an angel went down to the pool of Bethesda and troubled the waters to heal any disease caused desperation and selfishness among the sick.

Christ saw the despair in these people’s hearts.

As He walked up to the lame man, Christ asked, “Can I heal you?”

The man responded hopelessly, “I don’t have anybody to help me go into the pool. While I’m trying, someone steps down in front of me and enters the water.”

Before the lame man could say or do anything else, he was healed. Christ told him to rise and walk. The lame man stood on his feet and walked away.

As the man began walking, he came across the Jews who, yet again, witnessed another one of Christ’s miracles on the Sabbath. Rather than opening their eyes to the Savior and His work, the Jews remained blinded by their traditions. They still tried to kill Jesus despite His attempt to open their hearts by allowing them to witness a healing miracle.

Christ searched and found the once lame man in the temple and declared that he was made whole. The lame man’s faith was reaffirmed, so he went and declared to the Jews that the Savior, the long-promised Messiah, gave him salvation.

The opportunity to see Christ’s miracles with the naked eye was never to boast of His power, but to gather and gift the believers everlasting life. It was a second chance as their time on earth was coming to an end to create witnesses that would bear His truth to future posterity.

Jesus was a merciful Redeemer and only wanted to save Heavenly Father’s children. There is no right day to be of service to someone struggling and needing help. There are no rules on how He can serve us. His goodness is unlimited to all those who need it and want it. His sacrifice for us, to live with Him again, is the ultimate act of service and love.

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