History & Rituals

Discover exciting supplementary information about his life in a fresh and inspiring new way. Discover facts about the traditions of the time of his life and the worship that has continued through today.

Keeping Your Herods Straight

By the time we get to the Acts of the Apostles we have read about 3 Herods. They were all pretty interesting men, so let’s get them straight.

The Real Story of Christmas

Sometimes we see articles that give correction, but they fall short of the whole picture. Here are some facts that help to imagine the birth of Christ.

Who Were The Wisemen

There are three. But the Bible doesn’t tell us that there were only three wise men, so there could have been more than three (or less). So who were they?

What you Need to Know about Jerusalem

Jerusalem is considered to be “the mountain of the Lord’s house.” Because it is the holy city, people always say they are going “up” to Jerusalem.

Did the Jews of the Bible Baptize?

Similar to Christian baptism, the Jews had a practice called “mikveh.” A mikveh is a ritual bath that purifies the person entering it.

The Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam The Pool of Siloam was a spring-fed pool cut from rock southeast of the Old...

Was the Law of Moses Cruel?

The Law of Moses was the Aaronic Priesthood law, that is, it was a lower, school-master law meant to prepare Israel to receive the higher laws of the Priesthood of Christ.

How the Pharisees Viewed the Sabbath

Keeping the Sabbath is very serious indeed. In ancient times, punishable by death. But the rabbis could declare something a matter of life and death and excuse breaking the Sabbath to save a person or animal.

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee is actually not a sea but a lake of about 64 square miles ― 13 miles long and 7 miles wide.

Throwing the First Stone

It included trial law to protect the accused. Under the Law of Moses the accuser had a lot of responsibility.

Why the Conflict Between Jews and Samaritans ?

The Greco-Syrian empire conquered the Holy Land in 175 B.C. The Samaritans denied they were Jews in order to fit in. In Judea, the Maccabees revolted and became the rulers of Judea. Their kingdom was smaller, but they forayed north into Samaria to expand it.

Welcome to Caiaphas’ House

Caiaphas’ house was grand enough that a crowd gathered inside and in the courtyard to watch the illegal trial, including Peter, who had just denied Jesus.

About John the Baptist

John was so important to God’s work that the angel Gabriel announced his pending birth and prophesied his greatness.

A Scarcity of Wood

Wood is scarce in Israel. Modern Israelis have planted millions of trees, but naturally, trees and wood have been very precious in the country.