Is it worth making Jesus Christ your greatest hero and giving up anything to love and follow Him?

Consider this top 10 list of “great things” that happen when we truly come to know Jesus and seek to be like Him! These blessings are experienced in this life, not to mention the blessings of eternity.

#10 – We gain a deep awareness that our life is intentional, has a purpose, and our true identity emerges.

#9 – We learn how to relate to other people in profoundly positive ways, resulting in happier relationships.

#8 – We face our weaknesses without fear, knowing that God can help us change and He doesn’t get upset by our weakness.

#7 – We have more power—through Him—to overcome bad habits that torment us and others.

#6 – We are more able to rise above the chaos of daily life and feel peace in the midst of it.

#5 – We don’t fear the future, including death and the afterlife.

#4 – We don’t agonize over past mistakes, knowing that we are gladly forgiven by a loving God.

#3 – We stand as examples of peace, hope, and certainty in a world of despair and disbelief.

#2 – We see God turning our problems and ugliness from yesterday into growth and beauty today.

#1 – We never feel alone as we walk through each day, because we have learned to feel His hand, see His face, and witness His power helping us over and over and over again.


If you knew for a fact that these “great things” could be yours, would it be worth it to be a believing, loving, and Jesus-following Christian?

And if you are a Christian, what could possibly be more important than knowing the life and teachings of this great Man we call Lord and Master?