Hillary W., member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and student at Brigham Young University (BYU). 

In the first chapter of the Book of Moses, a book of ancient scripture translated by the power of God into a volume called the Pearl of Great Price, we learn of an encounter that Moses had where he came to know God face to face. In this encounter we learn of God’s relationship to Moses. There are many ways that the relationship between God and Moses helps me to feel closer to our Heavenly Father. Moses is explicitly told that he is a son of God. The importance of the gospel is also emphasized through their relationship. Moses trusts God and God trusts Moses. Moses also realizes the necessity of having our Heavenly Father in our lives. Having an example of a mortal man that was here on earth helps me to realize that I can have this same close relationship with our Father in Heaven.

Mormon Moses knowing GodWhen God comes to visit Moses on the mountain, he tells Moses that Moses is His son. This explicit proclamation telling Moses that he is a son of God helps give me confirmation that I am also a child of God. When Satan comes to tempt Moses, he proudly exclaims that “I am a son of God, in the similitude of his Only Begotten”. It seems as though Moses is honored to be a son of God. Realizing that I have that same opportunity also makes me honored to know God and be one of His children.

The care that Heavenly Father takes to show and explain things to Moses helps me to know God wants me to understand these things as well. The fact that he has provided the means for us to have these writings through the power of God Joseph Smith shows me just how important it is that we understand this portion of the gospel. It also helps me know God cares about us enough that He has made sure we have all information necessary for us to have at this point in time.

God shows Moses all of the creations that he has made and tells him that “no man can behold all my works except he behold all my glory” (Moses 1:5). In the verse He is referring to the fact that Moses was transfigured in order to see the spiritual things he was being shown. However, I also feel as if we are being told that we cannot comprehend God’s works unless we believe Him to be a glorious being. We must have trust in His abilities as a God to completely comprehend all the things He has created and all the doctrines He teaches us. This definitely makes me more determined to increase my faith in God in order to better comprehend His teachings and the teachings of modern prophets of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After God the Father leaves Moses, Moses cannot get up for several hours. Once he finally regains strength he realizes that “man is nothing” (Moses 1:10). The footnotes guide us to Ether 3:2, a book in an ancient record of holy scriptures called The Book of Mormon, where the brother of Jared exclaims that we are weak before God, but that if we call upon Him, He may fulfill our desires. This testimony of the power of prayer encourages me to approach our Father in Heaven with my desires. With the glory and power of God we can become everything instead of being nothing. We must rely on Him and pray to Him constantly in order to become better people.

As Moses is being shown the whole earth, he sees every inhabitant “and there was not a soul which he beheld not” (Moses 1:28). Realizing that Moses was able to see me and the things I have done makes me think back on my life. God can see everything I do as well. God probably has more interest in the things I do than Moses did as he saw each and every soul. Realizing God’s ability to see all things encourages me to serve others. It also gives me the desire to help others to realize His profound love for them.

I don’t believe it will ever be possible for us to completely comprehend the love God has for us. However, I do know God loves me. I know that I am His child. I know that He watches over me. I know that He will always answer my prayers and that He will always be there to guide and protect me. I am so grateful, as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (inadvertently called by friends of other faiths, the “Mormon Church”) that I was born into a family that has been fortunate enough to find His gospel. I pray that I will be able to pass His teachings along to His children.


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