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The Twofold Effect of the Atonement

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Through the atonement accomplished by Jesus Christ—a redeeming service, vicariously rendered in behalf of mankind, all of whom have become estranged from God by the effects of sin both inherited and individually incurred—the way is opened for a reconciliation whereby man may come again into communion with God, and be made fit to dwell anew and forever in the presence of his Eternal Father. This basal thought is admirably implied in our English word, “atonement,” which, as its syllables attest, is at-one-ment, “denoting reconciliation, or the bringing into agreement of those who have been estranged.” (New Standard Dictionary under “propitiation.”) The effect of the atonement may be conveniently considered as twofold: 1—The universal redemption of the human race from death invoked by the fall of our first parents; and, 2—Salvation, whereby means of relief from the results of individual sin are provided. The victory over death was made manifest in... Read the rest of this entry »